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Our regional director of operations, Joe Madera, asks each of his GM’s to write Highlights of the Week or what he refers to as their H.O.W. This request continues to show the successes of In-Group’s property teams, however this week, The SpringHill Suites in Gallup New Mexico had something particularly special to share, with the honor of hosting the Fire Hogs.

The Fire Hogs were founded in 1991 with a goal to promote brotherhood among fellow firefighters, as a support system serving in communities, and providing assistance for all of the fallen firefighters left behind. The particular group that our very own SpringHill Suites in Gallup had the honor of hosting, was a motorcycle chapter of 9/11 responders riding across country to New York for the 20th anniversary. Sam Post, General Manager, wrote the experience as follows.
“We hosted the Fire Hogs, a motorcycle chapter of 9/11 responders riding cross country to New York for the 20th anniversary. Carmela was AMAZING lining everything up, sharing information, and getting us prepped for their arrival. Anthony Leekity personally inspected every room, checked them in, and helped coordinate the entire night. My son Dylan, wanted to show his appreciation for what they do, he personally grilled 150lbs of ribs, chicken, bratwurst and more.
The property was excited to show our deepest gratitude, we were able to work with local companies and put together a feast meant for kings. As they rode up the parking lot they were greeted by staff, extra attention was given to each member to ensure nothing was wanted or needed that we couldn’t provide, we grilled, fried, prepped their entire meal, served at 6:30pm (covid protocols followed), they blessed the meal with a prayer with the staff, served, and gave each staff member a standing ovation for their work individually.

At the end of their dinner, they presented me with a one-of-a-kind custom-made Challenge Coin commemorating their 20th anniversary ride. It was truly an honor.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Carmella for lining up these outstanding groups. I have received the Army National Guard Covid Relief Challenge Coin and the 9/11 Challenge Coin. I feel I’m truly blessed that she provides my staff and I these opportunities and memories.”

In-Group hospitality would like to join Sam in extending a huge thank you to Sam himself, Carmella, the entire Gallup SpringHill Team, and all those involved in an amazing tribute to this group honoring those that serve, as you continue to demonstrate the¬†true exhibition of our company’s core values; Respect, Inspire and Diligence.