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Adam McInelly

Corporate Marketing Director
In the digital age, online advertising accounts for a highly significant portion of all hotel bookings, and producing a high return on investment in that area is what Adam McInelly does best. As Corporate Marketing Director, Adam runs and optimizes digital media channels for all PHG properties in order to ensure their continued competitive rankings on Google, Facebook, Expedia,,, and more.
Adam formally joined In-Group Hospitality in 2016 after several months of freelancing for the company through his own independent marketing agency. While heading up the Weekender Travel Club, an online resource for clients to book discounted travel on unfilled rooms at participating IGH hotels, Adam successfully grew the program from 2,000 to 8,000 members, generating as much as $30,000 in additional revenue for IGH each month. In 2018, Adam shifted into his current role, which allows him to work, one-on-one, with the sales teams at each individual PEG hotel on a regular basis. Working collaboratively with the properties based on their ever-evolving needs, Adam produces market-leading results in SEO optimization, email marketing, branding, web design, and advertising.
For Adam, the competitive component of his work is what keeps him motivated. “There is something really satisfying about seeing our ads rank higher than anyone else’s, while paying far less for those ads than anyone else is paying.” Adam says. “It’s simply about understanding the platforms and building strategic campaigns.”
Adam received his BS in exercise science from Southern Utah University.